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Palmetto Yacht specializes in hauling boats and yachts that requires a specialized boat trailers.

  • Drivers hold a Class-A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

  • A typical week for TMC drivers will consist of mutliple regional runs where they will meet and relay with other drivers, load boats, and deliver boats.

  • 75% of our drivers trips are less that 550 miles.

  • With our drivers working regionally 75% of the time, they are likely to be close to home. With our regional business model, we are able to provide more weekend hometime for full time, while providing weekend work for part time drivers. Unlike OTR trucking, when our drivers are away from home, they are provided a hotel! Sleeping in the backseat of the truck is not an option at Palmetto! With our performance pay structure, drivers don’t rely on lots of miles to make great pay.

  • Common loads that our drivers haul are double 20' boats, single 35'-60' boats, as well as the occasional crate or vehicle.

  • Drivers are responsible for the correct loading and securing of boats to our trailers.

  • Palmetto has been providing highly effective on-the-job training for over 10 years. With our service being a niche market within the transportation field, many of our drivers come from other fields which have given them similar yet differenct experiences that make their transition to yacht transportation seamless. Even drivers who are brand new to the industry are trained thoroughly on all things Yacht Transportation to give them the confidence they need to do the job safely.

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