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Hurricane Haul-Out

The Need

Most yacht insurance providers require a formal hurricane haul out plan in order to provide coverage on your pride and joy. We work closely with each of these providers to ensure you're covered! We provide the formal haul out plan to meet all policy requirements. Not only do we offer the formal plan, but we execute it to ensure your vessel is safe and protected during any named storm.

Best of all many insurance providers offer up to $2000 in hurricane haul out assistance funding!

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Palmetto Yacht Hurricane Haul Out Safety Plan

For boats up to 30 - 35 feet, a $1,500 annual membership fee will apply
36 - 43 feet, a $2,000 annual membership fee will apply.
44 - 53 feet, a $2,500 annual membership fee will apply.

Specific haul out rate will be charged hourly dependent on distance to our secure location.

12' beam and under $250/hr

12' 1" to 14' Beam $500/hr

The annual reservation fee will cover multiple storms throughout hurricane season

June 1st to November 30th, 2024.
$5 per foot per day for storage once at our secure location, not to exceed an aggregate monthly total of $2,500.

A haul out decision must be made more than 48 hours prior to names storm making landfall.

Palmetto Yacht Management will provide blocking and jack stands if needed.
The plan will be implemented when your area along the east coast enters the "NOAA HURRICANE TRACK CONE" approximately 96 - 120 hours prior to forecasted landfall.

In the event of a direct hit to any of our facilities, we will offer a discounted transportation rate to another one of our locations outside of the hurricane's path.

Hurricane Protection Plans are available to assist you in protecting your most prized possession. Our customers enjoy the confidence and peace of mind knowing their boat is safe during any major storm.

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