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Who We Are

We are an elite marine transportation and management group servicing the eastern United States. We specialize in local and long distance transportation and all related services. We can offer fully turn key packages or the basic bare minimum, based on your requests. We relocate thousands of boats every year and can provide a custom package based on your specific needs

Transport Services

From Your Marina

We transport powerboats up to 60′. All of our equipment is custom designed to adequately and safely support your boat. When shipping a boat from marina to marina, please choose a marina or boatyard with at least 14′ overhead clearance, with no low tree branches or wires upon entry or exit. Legal height is 13’6″ high. The overall height is the height of the vessel from the ground when it is loaded onto our trailer. Usually if the boat height is 12′ we are within the legal height limitations. Don't worry if you measure your boat and it is over 12′ high. Something can usually be removed (electronics, radar pedestal, arch, etc.) or we can place the keel on the trailer.

Long Distance Relocations

We have custom designed long-haul trailers which can ONLY be loaded via forklift, travel-lift, or hydraulic arms. These trailers are specifically designed to position your boat as low as possible for increased bridge clearance in the north east! They are built with the absolute best of every component on the market to ensure your boat has a long, safe, and smooth ride! We are fully insured and carry $1M liability and $3M cargo insurance. Proof of insurance is available upon request. Once you have decided to hire our company, we will send over transportation contract to lock in your transport.

Local Hauling

We can offer a local haul out in both Florida and South Carolina! We have specific trailers designed to safely go in and out of the water to load your boat for a nearby relocation! Some boats may need to be loaded via travel lift, but most will be able to load directly from the water! We can also self-load and unload powerboats of almost any size as long as we can get into your yard safely! Please notify us if any blocking material is needed, and we can provide the necessary supplies for an additional charge.

Boat Show/Large Event Coordination

We provide many dealerships and OEM's move-in and move-out services for their local shows. These shows require unique coordination in order to meet the time and space constraints of show management which we are very experienced in. From the NYC Show to the Miami Show and everything in between, we have you covered! Please inquire below to speak with someone in regards to your specific show needs. 

Premier Clients Discount

We cater to our transient clients and their time sensitive needs of relocating their vessels twice a year. For these clients that move bi-annually, we have specific discounts for early bookings!


Affordable storage options are available at any of our locations no matter the timing! Whether your needs are short term or long term, we have an option for you!
Storage pic 3.gif
If you are looking to get your vessel out of the elements and completely secured, we can offer indoor storage for your boat and/or trailer in both Florida and South Carolina! We can also offer secure outdoor storage for your boat and/or trailer, as well as blocking of your vessel.
Are you unsure of which marina you would like to use to dock your boat this season? Let our staff secure a dry storage space or a slip at one of the many marinas we work closely with along the east coast! No matter the area, we will ensure your boat has a safe home for the season!


Our team will travel to your home, marina, or boat yard! We offer best boat detailing in the Myrtle Beach, Long Island, and South Florida! If you'd like your boat ready to hit the water at delivery, we can facilitate having your vessel detailed prior to delivery. 

Hull Maxx

Palmetto is your local Hull Maxx retailer and installation facility. If you're looking to have the latest technological advancement in bottom paint applied to your boat, ask us how we can make the process seamless during your transit. This will save you time and money for many seasons to come! 


Need your motors serviced?
We can coordinate your service at one of our many authorized service centers along the east coast. We understand that time often slips away. Sometimes you realize that you are past due for your 100 hour service for the season, to then find out most marinas are booked out for months! Our staff will make sure to coordinate the service no matter the deadline, and we can make it happen!
Updating Electronics?
We can have any electronics you desire installed by the best in the business! All installs come with a lifetime warranty at no additional charge!! We can offer this before, after, or even during your transit!
electronics 1.jpg
electronics 2.jpg

Hurricane Haul-Out

When a hurricane is iminent in your area, the last place you or your insurance wants your boat is in the water! We are able to provide safe relocation to one of our many facilities to ensure your vessel is no longer in the path of the storm.


We are able to provide a licensed USCG Captain anywhere along the east coast to move your vessel to or from the marinas that have the capability to lift the boat onto a transport trailer.
Captain 3.png
Captain Image.jpg

Boat Show / Large Event Coordination

We provide many dealerships and OEM's move-in and move-out services for their local shows. 
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OEM Contracts

Interested in moving more than 10 boats a week? Many OEMs have decided to hand over the challenge of their logistics to our team of experienced coordinators in order to ensure timely deliveries of their boats leaving the production lines. If you would like to discuss a partnership between the PYM team and your brand, we would love to discuss the opportunity in great detail to determine your specific needs and develop a custom plan to far exceed your expectations. Please inquire below!
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